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Artificial Grass Putting Greens

The artificial turf on our putting greens is made to the same quality of the turf on genuine golf courses, for a truly realistic experience. Throughout Green Turf Pro, you’ll find our Artificial Grass customers delighted with their putting lawns, thanks to our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. From the first time you use your putting green, you’ll know that the investment was worth it, and your expectations far exceeded. Our artificial turf can even be used in commercial tee lines and driving range mats, so you really are getting a premium service from us, no matter what the synthetic turf project may be.

Whether your budget is big or small, we have a putting green for you. We only use the highest quality synthetic turf, and carry out rigorous quality checks on everything. Your satisfaction is essential to use, and we won’t rest until you have the best possible putting green sitting right there in your yard.

1. You don’t have to wait for artificial turf to grow once it’s installed – you can begin putting the day it’s placed on your lawn

2. Artificial turf will not incur damage from pets and yard pests like real grass would. Nothing ruins a golf game like brown spots and holes from a dog digging on the putting green. Artificial turf can withstand pet messes and isn’t susceptible to divots and unwanted holes

3. You can place your artificial turf green anywhere. Real grass needs plenty of light, good soil, and moisture, meaning you are limited in where a putting green can be placed in a yard. Artificial turf has the flexibility to be placed in a sunny spot, or under your favorite shade trees. It’s up to you.

4. Artificial turf is low maintenance with no mowing, weeding, or fertilizing required

Benefits Of Installing Green Turf Pro Artificial Grass

Reasons to Choose Green Turf Pro Synthetic Turf

  • Installation is quick and simple

  • Long-lasting- up to 20 years!

  • Looks and feels just like regular grass

  • Cleaning is a breeze

  • Fast draining

  • Saves you up to 75% on watering your lawn

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

  • Puts up with pet urine

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